There are probably more stereotypes of lower body waxing than any other beauty treatment. The truth of the process is, however, much less horrifying. Whether it is leg waxing or even inner thigh waxing, professional estheticians are able to remove hair without causing much pain. Lower body waxing offers smoother skin and a sexier lower body without the hassle of shaving every other day.

Waxing legs, inner thighs, buttocks areas, and toes are all sensitive procedures, but skin body temperature wax is much more comfortable than razor burn and hot or cold self-wax kits. And waxing is fast – much faster than shaving. Even a full lower body wax can take as little as 15 minutes to complete when performed by a Wax Spa professional. Waxing the lower body is convenient, fast, and long lasting.

Leg waxing Miami


For a silky finish that lasts for months, leg waxing is a superior cosmetic service. Instead of wasting time and resources shaving your legs everyday — not to mention the unsightly nicks and razor burn that goes with it — take some time to relax and enjoy a luxurious spa treatment that will leave legs smooth and supple, and not just for the day.

Inner thigh waxing Miami


Shaving your legs is not an easy task, but everyone can admit that one the hardest areas to shave well and comfortably is the inner thigh. It takes feats of flexibility and endurance to even begin shaving, and that does not come without the risk of annoying razor irritation or even cuts. Skip the aerobics and instead enjoy a relaxing wax that eliminates unwanted hair for weeks and weeks.

Buttocks waxing Miami


It’s not something we all want to talk about, but it is a problem most of us suffer from. Buttocks waxing services can help get rid of hair that we just don’t want down there. Since it’s almost impossible to complete this type of beauty procedure at home, it is essential to find a professional waxing service. In fact, this waxing procedure is incredibly common. A professional esthetician is more than capable of completing the waxing service in a relaxing, private atmosphere.

Toe waxing Miami


It is an all too common problem that lots of people suffer from but that very few discuss openly: hair on toes. Unattractive body hair can grow in across the tops of toes just below the nail, particularly on the big toe. No one wants to see unwanted hair peeking out from peep-toe heels or summer sandals, so remedy the issue with quick and easy toe waxing. Far more comfortable and long-lasting than simple shaving, enjoy the benefits of a luxuriating wax.

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