Infrared LED Radio Frequency is a cosmetic treatment designed to tighten loose, or sagging skin in the face, eyes, tummy, and even arms and legs, without an incision or recovery time. Radio Frequency is an energy source designed to uniformly heat the dermis (inner layer of skin), the heat is designed to tighten deeper layers of skin while helping to initiate the production of new collagen, which occurs over a period of time.

During each treatment of Radio Frequency you will feel a brief hot sensation with little to no discomfort. Radio Frequency can be performed as a standalone treatment offering skin tightening results without surgery and can also be used after your favorite in clinic treatments such as Lipocontour Ultrasound Cavitation and Lymphatic drainage to further enhance your results for safe, affordable, convenient, and non-invasive removal of stubborn fat deposits.

Radio Frequency procedure before & after photo

Depending on the size of the area treated, the Radio Frequency procedure itself may take anywhere from 15 minutes for a facial treatment up to 60 minutes for a body treatment. You can return to normal activities immediately, as there is usually no “downtime”. Minimal redness is seen in some patients but it usually disappears shortly after treatment. Heat-related complications can occur but are uncommon. There is no special care needed after treatment. However, as part of good skin care regimen, sunscreen is recommended.

The results of the facial treatments can last anywhere from several months to several years, depending on your aging process. As part of a dedicated program, treatments are given progressively once a week for 8 weeks and thereafter monthly to maintain your results for tighter and smoother skin from head to toe. Refer to Wax Spa Cosmetic Center for our Radio Frequency treatment in Miami.

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