Top 10 Bikini Wax Styles

From Hollywoods to Brazils, different bikini wax options give you the most desirable look. Find out what’s best for your skin and desired style here!

whether you are a first-timer or an experienced waxer, there are several different bikini wax styles to choose from. 

With a wide variety of waxing services, WaxSpa keeps your skin looking its best. Our technicians are trained in the latest techniques for a safe and comfortable waxing experience. Our waxes range from Brazilians to Hollywoods, so you can get the kind of bikini wax you want. Let’s take a closer look at what bikini waxes are available at WaxSpa!

Bikini Wax Types

There are various waxing styles to choose from, so you can find the one that’s right for you. Here are some of the top bikini wax styles:

  1. The Brazilian Bikini Wax

Bikini waxes have been around since the beginning of time. Brazilian waxes remove hair from the front, back, and sides of your bikini area. Often, Brazilian waxes are unpleasant due to their intensity.

  1. Hollywood Bikini Wax

Hollywood bikini waxes are similar to Brazilian waxes but remove the hair from the top of the pubic bone. These waxes are usually considered discomforting because of the sensitive nature of the area being waxed.

  1. Full Monty Bikini Wax

The full monty bikini wax is a relatively new type that removes all hair from the front, back, sides, and top of the pubic bone. Generally, this bikini wax hurts a lot because it takes so long and is so sensitive.

  1. French Bikini Wax

French bikini waxes leave a small strip of hair at the front of the pubic bone, making them gentler than other bikini waxes.

  1. Diamond Bikini Wax 

Diamond bikini waxes are popular as they remove a triangle-shaped patch of hair from the pubic bone. Due to its smaller size, this type is considered safer than other bikini waxes.

  1. Monogram Bikini Wax 

Typically, a monogram bikini wax removes a small patch of hair from the front centre of the pubic bone in the shape of your initial logo. Pain is less intense than other bikini waxes because it removes so little hair.

  1. Partial Brazilian Bikini Wax

Bikini wax that removes some of the pubic bone's hair, but not all, is referred to as partial Brazilian bikini wax. You can use this wax to remove as much or as little hair as desired, making it a good option for those looking for a pain-free option.

  1. Hollywood Landing Strip Bikini Wax

The Hollywood landing strip bikini wax leaves a small strip of hair in the centre of the pubic bone, similar to a French bikini wax. However, this wax also removes all of the hair from the front, back, and sides of the pubic bone, making it a more extensive option. Since this type of wax removes a large amount of hair, it may cause discomfort.

How to choose the right Bikini waxing style 

  1. Consider your body type.

When choosing a style, keep in mind your body type. Not all styles will look good on all body types. For example, if you have a larger frame, avoid too fitted or clingy styles, as they will only accentuate your size. Conversely, if you have a more petite frame, avoid too baggy or boxy styles, as they will make you look even smaller. Finding a style that flatters your figure and makes you feel comfortable in your skin is vital.

  1. Lifestyle matters.

Your lifestyle should also be considered when choosing a bikini wax style. Choose a style that requires little time and effort to maintain if you lead a busy lifestyle. You can afford to spend more time and effort caring for your clothes and choosing styles that require more maintenance if you have a more relaxed lifestyle.

  1. Make it fit.

When choosing a unique wax style, consider the occasion as well. Dress according to the occasion if you are attending a formal event. On the other hand, a casual occasion gives you more options in terms of styles.

  1. Be weather-aware.

The weather is another factor that should be considered when choosing an affordable bikini waxing style. You will want to wear styles that keep you warm in cold weather, such as heavier fabrics and layers. Wear lighter fabrics and styles if it's hot outside to stay calm.

  1. Budget wisely.

Finally, take into account your budget when choosing a style. Choosing fabrics and styles that don't require many expensive materials or tailoring is a good idea if you are on a tight budget. Invest in the most luxurious fabrics and intricate designs if you don't have a budget problem.

Best Wax for the Bikini Area

When waxing the bikini area, you want to opt for products specially designed for sensitive skin and delicate areas. Look for waxes formulated with natural ingredients like beeswax, almond oil, and avocado oil, which will help soothe irritation and reduce inflammation. 

Consider waxes that contain tea tree oil and witch hazel, which can help protect against bacteria and reduce redness. Be sure to avoid waxes that contain harsh chemicals, fragrances, and dyes, as these can cause further irritation and discomfort. 

Finally, special waxes are specifically designed for the bikini area and not any other body areas. Doing so can help ensure you get the best results and avoid any potential skin irritation. Once you've chosen the suitable wax for your bikini area, apply it properly to reduce the risk of irritation. Be sure to follow the instructions on the packaging and allow enough time for the wax to cool before removing it. Use a gentle, circular motion when applying the wax and avoid pulling or tugging on the skin, which can cause further irritation. 


Choosing the right style can be daunting, but it doesn't have to be. By considering your body type, lifestyle, occasion, weather, and budget, you can narrow down your choices and find a style that works for you. With some research and planning, you will find a style that fits you perfectly.

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