Brazilian Wax - What to do & How long does it Last?

If you're thinking about getting a Brazilian wax, you may have some questions. What should you do to prepare? How long does it last? Our article answers these questions and more, providing a comprehensive guide to Brazilian waxing. Discover everything you need to know before your appointment!

Brazilian Wax - What to do & How long does it Last?

Brazilian Waxing - One type of bikini waxing stands as the most popular waxing among females across the world. Its versatility is because of the reason that it leaves the person under procedure completely bare to the esthetician at the Salon. 

Brazilian waxing is somewhat different from other full bikini waxing since it is done under and around the back and not up your back. Furthermore, hair from your booty will also be removed in this procedure. 

While having Brazilian waxing, your bottom is fully exposed, your legs are spread, and you'll have to bear it all. So think before having this type of waxing and ask yourself whether you can overcome your shyness or not.

Waxing vs. Shaving

You can shave at any time possible, whereas, for waxing, you will have to book an appointment and schedule your time. For waxing for a particular event ahead, you should book the appointment several days in advance to protect yourself from any trouble on the spot. Furthermore, you might need several sessions to get the exact results you are looking for, so prepare yourself before the time. 

How long does a Brazilian wax last? 

Brazilian wax lasts 2 to 4 weeks; however, three weeks on average has been observed. If you are getting waxing for the first time, then the results last shorter. However, for 2nd-timer, the results last longer with better outcomes. 

What to do for Brazilian Bikini Waxing?

  • Don't shave for a few weeks. Hair must be of a certain length for waxing to work well. How long exactly does hair have to be for waxing? At least the height of a grain of rice. It doesn't take too long, as it needs a little trimming before waxing. 

  • Come clean and with a little exfoliation to your reception. It is polite and efficient because sweat and ingrown hairs are the enemies of a great wax.

  • Stay hydrated, as it is suitable for your skin and helps unclog the pores. So don't spend the night before drinking and see if you can put the coffee on it because coffee and alcohol are drying drinks. Just make sure you empty your bladder before the waxing session begins.

  •  Take one or two painkillers an hour before the session to keep the pain away. Try to relax and breathe during the activity, but do not hold your breath. Consult your beautician if possible!

  • When meeting, wear soft, preferably cotton underwear and loose underwear.

  • Prepare yourself mentally: Someone is at your job, it's going to hurt, and when it's all said and done, you'll feel a little uncomfortable and look a bit raw until things calm down in a day or two.

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