10 Myths About Waxing

Waxing is scary for a lot of people. Before undergoing a waxing procedure, people tend to believe in rumors from different sources or imagine what will happen before, during, and after the procedure. This ultimately leads to a rise in anxiety. 

10 Myths About Waxing - WaxSpa

Waxing is a scary for a lot of people. Many people, before undergoing a waxing procedure believe in rumors that come from different people or imagine what will happen before, during and after the waxing procedure.This ultimately leads to a rise in anxiety. 

Here are a few myths about waxing that need to be cleared out.

  1. Waxing the top of your eyebrows is not possible

Wrong. This perhaps is one of the biggest myths about waxing. If you want to shape your eyebrows and get an ideal, perfect and tidy shape for your brows, you can wax from wherever you want to.

  1. Your hair should be long before waxing 

True. Ideally your hair should be a quarter of an inch to half an inch long for it to be removed by waxing. Hair shorter than this may cause incomplete removal of hair from its root and ultimately an ingrown hair. 

  1. You can not exfoliate immediately after waxing 

True. Although exfoliation removes all the dead skin cells, exfoliation right after waxing is dangerous because it may cause inflammation of the sensitive skin. 

  1. Waxing causes loose skin

False. Another myth about waxing is that waxing can cause wrinkles and premature aging. This is not true. Waxing has no association with wrinkling or loose skin. Aging is caused by other factors such as sun exposure, smoking, poor diet, family background etc.

  1. Hair will grow back thicker than it previously was

False. This too is a myth about waxing. Many people believe that the hair that grows after waxing is thicker and darker than before.This can be true for shaving. Waxing on the other hand removes the hair follicle from its root and the hair does not grow back thicker than it was.

  1. Waxing harms the skin

False. Waxing may cause a timely irritation or inflammation, but these signs and symptoms disappear after a few hours. So there’s no need to panic if you see tiny little bumps on your skin after waxing.

  1. Skin is sensitive after waxing

True. Waxing opens up your pores. Never apply any chemical products, go swimming, or get exposed to sunlight immediately after waxing because your skin is quite sensitive at this time so apply a soothing lotion preferably the one that contains aloe vera in it. 

  1. You can go for swimming after waxing

False. Going swimming immediately after waxing can cause irritation because of certain types of bacteria, high salt content or chlorine in the water. Wait for a few hours before you go swimming. 

  1. A pregnant woman should not get waxing done

False. This also is a myth about waxing. It is totally safe for a pregnant woman to wax. Although the skin might be a little sensitive at such times because of hormonal imbalances, waxing doesn’t necessarily always cause pain to pregnant women. 

  1. Waxing always causes hyperpigmentation 

False.Another very popular myth about waxing is that waxing causes hyperpigmentation.If done properly with no sun exposure after waxing, nothing goes wrong and no hyperpigmentation is experienced by anyone.