Winter Waxing Guide

Whether you’re planning on spending the holidays with family or seeking solace through a winter vacation, don’t let your winter waxing needs sit on the back burner this holiday season. While last minute shopping and trying to cleverly hide your terrible gift-wrapping skills will likely come first, neglecting your hair situation could get out of control before you know it. A quick trip to the waxspa is the stop you need this winter, even if you’ll be covered from scarf to snow boots. Your complete winter waxing guide is below!

Say no to the razor burn this winter 
Although cold winter months are hardly an inspiration to take your clothes off, routine maintenance throughout the winter months is crucial. If you have been keeping up with your waxing, the brutal days of shaving may be long forgotten, but opting to shave during the winter will undo all your wax work. Keep in mind that shaving can lead to razor burn and thick hair growth while waxing weakens your hair follicle. Keep the smooth going all year long; you’ll be glad you did when you unexpectedly need to show some skin.

Eyebrow shaping
With family holiday pictures running rampant during the holidays, facial waxing like eyebrows, chin, and lip will be good pre-photo prep steps. Since photos are now shared on every imaginable social media platform, remove those errant chin hairs and touch up your eyebrow shape with one quick appointment. Reshaping your brows is a great way to revamp your whole look, especially when it’s so cold that not much else of your body will be showing. Don’t be afraid to think outside the wax box with temples, ears, and cheek waxing. If your face can grow it, wax can remove it. By using the highest quality European wax, the process is as quick and smooth as possible.

Real Smooth 
To motivate yourself to keep up with your routine waxing, some advantages to remember are how smooth it leaves your skin. Not just from the hair removal, but the exfoliation of waxing removes dead skin cells, leaving your skin healthy and refreshed. Paired with the perfect moisturizer, your skin will be feeling hydrated and soft even in the driest winter months. Don’t let stubble be your reminder; take control with your winter waxing guide.