What to Expect from an Eyelash Extension Appointment

complete eyelash extensionsIf you’ve never enjoyed three weeks of beautiful, lush eyelashes, you should make an appointment to Wax Spa as soon as possible. If you are nervous of what to expect, we’re here to assuage all of your fears. Eyelash extensions are a non-invasive, delicate procedure that requires the touch and artistry of a professional. In a relaxing atmosphere, a small amount of eyelash extensions can be attached in as little as an hour.

Know What You Want

Eyelash extensions offer a wide range of styles and vary in installation time, so it is important to know what you want before you walk through the door. Instead of deliberating for half an our in front of a desk, know your options and decide before going in for an appointment. At Wax Spa, we offer three (very) different eyelash extension styles:

The “Natural” Look – this is a full set of eyelash extensions that includes about 20-50 lashes per eye. This option is usually selected by women looking for fuller eyelashes that are also subtle, classic, and glamorous. The “natural” look usually takes the least amount of time to install.

The “Gorgeous” Look -this is a full set of eyelash that includes 50-100 lashes per eye. This is the options for women looking to go out on the town. Installation time is usually a bit longer.

eyelash extensions

The “Foxy” Look – a full set of up to 20 lashes per eye only on the outer corners of the eyes. This installation takes very little time and is perfect for a more festive look.

Relax During the Appointment

At Wax Spa, we create a relaxing atmosphere for all services. You can expect a clean, calming service that leaves you with eyelash extensions that last. These beautiful lashes can last for months on end if routine maintenance is undergone. During the appointment, be prepared for application to take anywhere from 60-180 minutes.

At the start of the service, you will comfortably recline with your eyes closed. Next, the application of the eyelashes takes place. The procedure is so painless, clients usually fall asleep. If you later decide to remove the lashes, they can be easily and painlessly removed whenever you want. Eyelashes should only be removed by a professional using a de-bonder  (an industry-level removal fluid.