What to Expect from a Facial Waxing Service

Facial waxing services in MiamiFacial waxing services are the easiest way to get rid of unwanted hair on the face. Tweezing, waxing at home, and shaving is not only less effective, it also tends to be more painful as well. Professional estheticians at a quality spa are educated to provide nearly painless services that last. Waxing can last up to three months, but often is repeated every one to two months. Knowing what to expect from a facial waxing service can help mitigate nerves and improve the overall experience. 

Facial Waxing with Green Hard Wax

Wax Spa uses green, hard wax to rid clients of any and all unwanted facial hair. Widely considered to be the most comfortable facial waxing method on the market, fears of hot, uncomfortable wax can be completely discarded. It is wise, however, to discuss with the spa representatives what type of wax is going to be used during your visit. Green hard wax is usually applied at body temperature, making it a much more pleasant hair removal experience. Raising the temperature to a comfortable level makes the wax not only bind to the hair properly, but also mitigate any sort of harsh pain associated with other forms of wax.

At home and some other establishments, however, some choose to use cold wax strips. These strips are not as effective (specifically when it comes to facial waxing). No matter what type of wax, expect the wax to be pressed over the hair and allowed to be partially hardened. A well-trained esthetician is able to remove hair with almost no pain whatsoever.

Areas Sculpted by Facial Waxing

Unwanted hair truly varies by individual. There are, however, some common areas that are taken care of by waxing services for the face. The most common area is most definitely the eyebrow. Eyebrows are incredibly sensitive and usually grow in a way that is not ideal. Uni-brows, thick eyebrows, and overgrown hair is consistently an issue with eyebrow growth. Face waxing is a fairly easy to get rid of such unwanted hair.

Two other popular areas for facial waxing services include the upper lip and sideburns. Since most men shave such areas, women tend to be the primary market for such services. Eliminating the hair on the upper lip and sideburns is very similar to eyebrows, offering removal of hair with one single motion. Quality face waxing services also offer removal of unwanted hair on the cheeks and the chin. To know exactly what to expect, ask the professionals at the chosen spa what areas of hair removal will be offered.