Waxing Myths


Oh the lies that are being promoted about hair removal, especially the ones that keep good hair growing folks from removing with wax! It needs to stop, and we are here to help it stop.

Some of the myths that get thrown out there are just so engraved in our belief system that we reject the notion they are not true… Well, we are are here to tell you they are not true!

Let’s start clearing some things up, like your hair after a beautiful wax!

Long hair or no wax!


I understand how this could sound believable, but it just isn’t. Believing this myth gets you in a system where you let unwanted hair grow longer for no reason.

In fact, here is some hurtful truth, letting your unwanted hair grow longer actually makes waxing more painful.

There you have it, myth busting the long hair theory. For a much smoother waxing experience go ahead and wax before those hairs are long.

Shave in-between sessions.


By shaving you take away some of the huge benefits of waxing which not having to deal with razor burns and ingrown hairs!

Also, a commitment to waxing only leads to hair growing back thinner, with less firm roots. The more you wax the easier waxing is.

Waxing Hurts Terribly

Don’t get me wrong, waxing will cause some pain but it is manageable. The amount of pain depends on your pain tolerance level and sensitivity of your skin. However, what wont happen is movie-scene level pain. We have all seen it, waxing in pop-culture is almost is depicted as a torturous and very painful. This is not the case at all, pain level is mild to moderate and fades away very quickly.

With that said, I hope that bringing truth to some of these myths will help you in your waxing journey!