No Beach, No Beds, No Problem
Get Your Color On With a Spray Tan

By now we all know that too much sun on our skin can create a variety of serious health issues, as well as premature aging, sun spots, and wrinkles... And who wants that?! But we all love having that sexy glow of a great tan. Now you can slip into that ideal tan you desire — 365 days a year — without the long-term damaging effects of the sun. Miami based Wax Spa creates a personalized, custom airbrush spray tan so your perfect, sexy glow never needs to fade.

It’s no secret why millions of people are going sunless each year. It’s the quickest, easiest way to give yourself a complete makeover in just minutes. A Wax Spa’s exclusive sunless spray tan adds beautiful, just off the beach color to your skin in just minutes. So when you need to look and feel your best, go sunless with a Miami Wax Spa custom spray tan.

You may be familiar with the sunless spray tan booths such as the Mystic Spray or the Versa Spa spray tan that many other salons offer. At Miami Wax Spa, we offer a professional, custom airbrush tanning service using only the finest in spray tan products. What is the difference? With the custom spray tan, you have a certified professional applying the solution, not a machine. You have a technician with you to demonstrate each of the spray positions. They are able to assist you in choosing a desired color as well as being able to control the amount of spray applied in each application ensuring a more even, “just off the beach”, NEVER orange, spray tan each and every time.

To ensure a beautiful, long lasting spray tan result every time, please refer to our spray tan prep information.


On average, your spray tan will last 7-12 days. Following a good skin care regimen before and after sunless tanning will help a sunless tan last longer.

Please do the following PRIOR to your spray tan session:

1. Take a shower and exfoliate properly using an exfoliating glove available for purchase at Miami Wax Spa. Removing any dead cells and body oils will help the sunless tanner penetrate your skin and give you the best results.
Remove all jewelry – you don’t want tan lines…
Do not wear anything that will block pores
No Body lotion*
No Deodorant
No Perfume
No Make-Up
*Lotions can act as a barrier & prevent the solution from contacting your skin.

2. Wear dark, loose fitting clothing and flip-flops because some of the bronzer can rub off on your clothing and shoes can cause your feet to perspire affecting the results. The solution WILL come off once you wash the clothes. The only fabric that the tan will not wash out of is lace. No sexy lace underwear ladies. During the spray process, you are welcome to wear whatever you are comfortable with. Some clients wear bathing suits and some wear birthday suits. We are comfortable with whatever makes you comfortable. Men are required to wear underwear or bathing suit.


Please do the following AFTER your spray tan session:

DO NOT: Bathe, swim, or get wet in any other way – until the setting time is complete (minimum 6 hours). NO CHLORINE for at least 24 hours. Do not exercise until after you shower. Perspiring prior to your post shower after tanning alters the chemical reaction of the spray tan applied, changing its color, possibly leaving you streaky. DHA solutions take about 16-24 hours to fully develop. You will receive the best results if you can avoid bathing until the day after your sunless session. If you must bathe, you should wait a minimum of 6 hours after the application.

If showering prior to the 16-24 hour post application recommendation, a simple rinse with water only, is best. Soap destroys DHA. Delayed bathing allows the DHA bronzer sufficient time to complete its reaction with the amino acids (proteins) within the skin.

NOTE: The cosmetic bronzer is the color that is immediately visible during the session and it will wash off during the first shower, revealing the DHA bronze tan beneath. Do not panic, your tan is not washing down the drain.

It is important to keep skin moisturized after sunless tanning as dry, flaky skin will slough off faster and color will fade sooner. You basically want to slow down your body's natural exfoliation process. LOTION, LOTION, LOTION

Wax Spa highly recommends using sunless skin care products to care for your new spray tan. Available for purchase at Wax Spa. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact a member of the Miami based Wax Spa staff at 305-940-5141. We will be more than happy to answer any questions that you may have.

Tans continue to be popular, especially with people who naturally have light colored skin. A rich, bronze-colored tan can not only be cosmetically flattering, it can evoke a sun-filled vacation spent at the beach or, in winter, on the ski slopes. But given the fact that exposure to the tanning rays of the sun is accompanied by skin damage and an increased risk of skin cancer, these days many people are opting for "sunless" tans.

What is DHA?

The airbrush tanning product is FDA approved to give you a safe healthy tan. The active ingredient DHA (Dihydroxyacetone) derived from sugar cane causes a natural reaction on the top layer of your skin to naturally produce a beautiful tan without the damage to the skin.

DHA was approved by the FDA in the 1970's and has been refined since to produce better results (no orange, but brown).

FDA approved and recommended by The American Cancer Society as the only safe way to tan, without the dangerous causes of the sun or tanning beds. For more information on this matter