Want to Look Like Channing Tatum? It Will Require a Full Body Waxing

Waxing for man in MiamiChanning Tatum is a well-known actor most remembered by millions of women for his role in the Magic Mike movies. His amazing six-pack abs and bulging biceps coupled with his boyish charm and good looks has made many a lady’s heart run a bit quicker.

So, if you are a guy trying to learn a few tricks from the Channing Tatum playbook, you will have your work cut out for you. Obviously, there will be lots of push-ups and weights to lift, as well as a proper diet. But, to finish off the look, one thing you will absolutely have to do to show off the results of all of that hard work is get a full-body waxing

On the Ellen show, Tatum discussed his waxing experience. As a less-than-regular waxer, Tatum is still a bit more sensitive to the process than his co-stars, Matt Bomer and Joe Manganiello. In fact, his experience was so bad after the first Magic Mike movie that Tatum vowed he would never do it again. Still, upon the urging of his co-stars and others behind the film, he was convinced to go under the wax once again. Apparently, he did not enjoy it. Only after his waxer began did she mention that his particular hair type tends to experience more discomfort.

Fortunately, waxing does not have to be such a painful experience. Regular waxing will help desensitize the skin to the procedure. Starting small and working up to larger areas is also a good idea. For a guy, this might mean sculpting the abdominal hair first to emphasize the abs, and shaping the chest hair to highlight the contours of the pectorals. After a few days, you can move on to the chest, then the abs, then more sensitive areas like around the nipples and below the waistline.

Waxing the back and legs can also sting quite a bit, but are often less painful than areas so close to the sensitive underbelly. Still, a staggered approach may be good for these areas, as well. Of course, these areas are less likely to look finished if they are not completely waxed in a single session, so prepare yourself mentally before you go in for such procedures.

The results of a body waxing are unrivaled for showing off the perfectly sculpted contour of an athletic body. If you want to give someone the full Magic Mike experience it can only be achieved with a lot of hard work, good diet, and a full body waxing. But, do it the smart way and you will find it a much more enjoyable experience than Channing Tatum did. In fact, many men become so enamored with the look and feel of a hairless body that they get hooked on waxing and keep coming back to maintain the results for years to come.