Unsightly Stomach Hair? Get Rid of It with Body Waxing

Stomach Waxing It’s summer. It’s bikini season. You have unwanted hair on your stomach.

Don’t panic, Wax Spa has you covered. Body waxing is the easiest way to get rid of unwanted stomach hair around your belly button (and anywhere else for that matter). No razors, no home kits, just a relaxing spa atmosphere and hair removal that can last for weeks on end.

Stomach Waxing Options

We understand, people have all types of unwanted hair growth on the stomach. No two people are the same. At Wax Spa, we offer stomach waxing services to fit pretty much every need. Some people don’t need the entire area waxed. For most, a simple stomach strip is all that is needed to get ready for the beach.

Check out all of our waxing services for the stomach:

For            Women       Men

Stomach      $19           $26

Lower Stomach    $14     $19

Stomach Strip    $9      $16

Upper Body Waxing

Sometimes, the hair doesn’t stay below the stomach. For men and women, any unsightly body hair can turn a great day at the beach into an uncomfortable one. Even just the stubble that appears days after shaving with a razor is less than desirable. Remembering to touch up spots where hair crops up can be hard to do in places like Miami where everyday could end in a rooftop pool party or a trip on a yacht.

If you have quite a bit of hair on your stomach, it is likely that you have some on your back and shoulders. At Wax Spa, we offer reasonably priced back and shoulder waxing packages that range from $28 for women to $53 for men. For some people, getting rid of all unwanted hair on a single visit is the most convenient option possible.

Don’t feel overwhelmed this beach season. Visit Wax Spa to craft your bikini-ready body into perfect shape.