Tips for the best post-waxing aftercare

shutterstock_376197193Post-waxing aftercare has a mantra of scrub and rub. This mantra means exfoliate and moisturize on a regular basis to prevent ingrown hairs that can blight an otherwise perfectly-waxed body. After all, what’s the point in locating a reputable Miami salon offering waxing near me if you are not going to continue the care at home?

Any reputable Miami waxing salon will provide you all the appropriate aftercare procedures you will need to maintain your wax between procedures. Therefore, when locating waxing near me in Miami, always consult with the staff for complete post waxing instructions. Consequently, many times customers will disregard the advice of the salon because they feel it is a sales pitch to purchase additional products. Proper care is critical for a positive post waxing experience, the proper lotions applied to the appropriate areas is essential. Prevention of post-wax infections in the hair follicles is avoidable by using products containing antiseptic properties including dead sea salt. It is important to avoid perfumed or highly scented products, especially when applied to ‘intimate’ areas after a Brazilian waxing or playboy wax. The following tips will help maintain bump-free skin in between waxes.

To avoid irritation, moisturize the recently waxed area on a regular basis with a cream containing antiseptic properties including witch hazel, tea tree oil, aloe vera and witch hazel. Dry or flaky skin is the leading cause of ingrown hairs as they stop the hair’s growth. Post wax many people find rubbing antiseptic cream up to three days after treatment protects and soothes the skin.

Exfoliation of the waxed area several times a week is important to rid the skin of dead skin cells. Your exfoliator should be grainy enough to have an effect, but avoid products that are too harsh that may cause skin irritation. Exfoliating Mitts and loofahs are also great for exfoliation; it’s important to keep them clean and dry, replacing them on a regular basis. These can be especially helpful to men exfoliating after back or Chest waxing.

Always remember to wash your hands before applying any product to the waxed area. Avoid tan booths, swimming, messages, tight fighting clothing or sun exposure for 24-48 hours post treatment. Avoiding exercise for 24 hours is recommended as sweat can cause the hair follicles to clog. Finally, if you feel your skin has not returned to normal after 24 hours, it is important you contact your salon in case an allergic reaction or an infection is developing. Following these tips will ensure a positive post waxing experience.