The Perfect Smoother Skin Duo: Microdermabrasion and Body Waxing

microdermabrasion and body waxingSmooth skin is beautiful skin. Unfortunately, the summer months (and winter months for that matter) can wreak havoc on skin softness. At Wax Spa, we have developed a unique set of services to help you feel the smoothest skin of your life. The perfect pairing of microdermabrasion and body waxing helps both men and women feel confident in their skin.

Body waxing removes hair and dead skin cells, while microdermabrasion goes just a bit deeper to make skin as smooth and supple as possible.

Two Appointments, Many Advantages

Because we offer both services, getting smoother skin is as easy as visiting Wax Spa twice every two months. The first step to smoother skin is to make a body waxing or facial waxing appointment. Getting rid of excess stubble and hair is essential for encouraging smooth, beach ready skin. Even the process of waxing helps remove a few layers of dead skin cells.

After a couple of days, when skin is no longer irritated, many choose to set up an appointment for smooth skinmicrodermabrasion. Since the top layer of dead skin cells is already removed through waxing and hair is no obstacle, microdermabrasion is even more affective in softening skin. This treatment works by first firing tiny crystals or diamond flakes to loosen up dead skin. Next, a machine is used to suction up excess crystals and skin cells. It’s a non-invasive, incredibly powerful treatment that can be done in-house at Wax Spa.

This skin softening and smoother treatment is optimum when approached with a bi-weekly basis. Scheduling a wax the first week of the month, then a microdermabrasion appointment, then a week off, and finally another microdermabrasion appointment and repeating each month can help ensure incredibly soft, smooth skin. The duo of body waxing and microdermabrasion is the perfect option for fostering a smoother, softer body and face.

At Wax Spa, we are dedicated to offering the latest and greatest treatments for a more beautiful, confident you.