The Most Essential Summer Waxing Services

Summer waxing servicesWhen it comes to summer swimming season, waxing services in Southern Florida and throughout the greater Miami area are in high demand. There is a good reason, too. Waxing helps keep hair off for more than two weeks at a time (on average). Not every area of the body, however, is as popular as others when it comes to hair removal.

Here are just a few of the most common waxing services requested in the summer season.

Full Leg Waxing 

In the summer, getting the hair removed from the lower and upper leg is absolutely essential. Bikini-lover or not, summer skirts and dresses can easily reveal a bit (or more than a bit) of leg at any moment. Having to worry about stubble and missed hair behind knees and on the back of thighs is less than ideal. Although other seasons see more lower leg waxing services, summer seasons brings many more full leg waxes.

At Wax Spa, full leg waxing costs $43 for women and $53 for men.

summer bikini waxingBrazilian Bikini

Sometimes, you just want to be clean. When it comes to beach season, removing all hair from the bikini area is a great way to get that feeling. Many Miamians walk into a waxing parlor to get a Brazilian bikini wax to get prepared for wearing their favorite swimsuit. Instead of getting just a basic bikini line wax, Brazilian bikini waxing gets all the troublesome hair in one of the most important areas.

Brazilian bikini waxing services at Wax Spa are priced at $23 for women and $39 for men.

Back and Shoulder Waxing

Tank tops and bikinis reveal more back and shoulders than most would like to show. For men, waxing the back and the shoulders is almost a necessity to take a shirt off at the beach. Hair on the back is almost impossible to reach on your own, and that is why the waxing service is in such high demand throughout the year (and even more so in the summer).

Men’s back and shoulder waxing at Wax Spa currently costs just $53 and only $28 for women.