Step By Step Guide For the Perfect Bikini Wax

Bikini Waxing guide for Summer Let’s not sugarcoat anything: Bikini waxing in Miami summer is a must. It’s a necessity, whether you are on vacation or a resident, you can’t imagine walking up and down the shore line with pubic hairs peeking out. Make sure you are ready for every summer event with a good clean bikini wax which we guarantee will make all beach experiences considerably less stressful. Follow our experienced aesthetician’s step by step guide get the perfect bikini wax experience. Here we go.

Bikini wax step #1: Prepare before your primp . 
After you book your first bikini wax appointment, there are a few insider tricks to make this process as well, smooth and painless as possible. If you’re planning on getting a bikini wax, you should not shave the hair first. The hair should be at least one-quarter of an inch in order for wax to catch the hair and leave a clean bikini area once ripped off.

Bikini wax step #2: Brace yourself.
The first bikini wax is the most painful one because hair is solidly rooted inside the skin. The hair follicle is larger than the pores of your skin, when hair is torn away, it ruptures the skin pores, which can sometimes cause bleeding. The good news? As soon as you get through the first time, during the next ones, because the follicle becomes much thinner, hair will slide right out.


Bikini wax step #3: Distress Before Your Wax.

To help with pain relief, try to pop two Advil tablets 40 minutes before or if you’re really stressed try some shots! Try to be as relaxed as you before you come.if you are a first-timer try to make your appointments early in the morning, for your bodies are not under as much stress after waking up, so their skin and muscles are more relaxed. If you come after work, remember that everything becomes stiffer after a stressful day at work and tightened muscles jam the hair follicle, making it harder for it to come out.


Bikini wax step #4: No Pain No Gain.

If you’re shy about stripping down for the treatment, most spas offer disposable underwear to wear during the waxing or wear an old pair of underwear.Although, booty shorts are not recommended because the aesthetician has to really get in there! Depending on the texture of the hair, there is an average of about five strips,to get your lady parts nice an clean. The total time takes about 10 minutes.

Bikini wax step #5: Post-treatment care.

After each strip, a cool baby wipe is used to soothe skin The alcohol disinfects any pores after hair is ripped away. Never try to touch or apply any alcohol based solutions such as perfumed lotion 12-24 hours post-treatment so the body can reproduce natural oils to fill up those glands. Doing so might create breakouts.

Bikini wax step #6: Remember the hygienic benefits of waxing.
There are only two places where hair grows where it’s attached to special glands that reproduce odour: bikini and underarms. By removing the hair, the gland is damaged, which decreases sweat and odor, keeping the area cleaner. As well, female discharge goes directly on to underwear, instead of sticking to the hair.


Bikini wax step #7: Show Off

No don’t go show off your whole pickachu to the whole world. But reap the benefits and show off your smooth with a skimpy bikini you couldn’t wear before. Begin to enjoy your swimming and tanning activities without worries! There’s nothing like getting a great wax to enjoy all the wonderful activities that made you feel self conscious before. Happy Summer!