Rising Popularity of the “Full-Bush Brazilian”

Full bush brazillian bikini waxing Miami

When most people think of waxing, they think of the smooth, hairless look all over their bodies. This obviously includes the bikini areas where, for many years, hairlessness has been a desirable appearance. However, over the last few years, a number of prominent female celebrities and notables have begun bucking this fashion, opting instead for a more natural appearance for their pubic region. 

Of course, sporting a natural look is not always as easy as it sounds. In fact, it may require a little careful manicuring in order to avoid embarrassing experiences at the beach or gym. It may also be wise to keep some of the area south of the belt line clean of hair for more intimate purposes. This means even when going for a more natural look, a bit of waxing is probably a really good idea.

Enter, the “Full-Bush Brazilian.” This is a relatively new look many women are opting for that may be described as the exact opposite of the traditional Brazilian wax. Instead of completely removing all hair from the public region, the Full-Bush Brazilian leaves most of the hair upfront, while removing the hair from the labia and butt crack. Some women like to shape the sides of the hair on top to prevent embarrassing reveals while at the beach, but otherwise the hair is allowed to grow out naturally.

Many women indicate that they prefer this look because it does not deny the woman’s maturity, but also keeps things tidy. Better, for women who enjoy their lovers visiting below the waistline, this style of waxing keeps him or her from the unpleasant experience of a mouth full of fur. That makes this interesting new style less of a compromise and more of a win-win for both the woman and her lover.

Since less maintenance is required on the top, many women ask why they may want to have this look achieved through a waxing rather than simply shaving. The reasons are several-fold. First, this approach only requires maintenance once every few weeks as opposed to daily shaving. It is also much cleaner looking, with no stubble, no nicks or razor rash, and much less chance of ingrown hairs. Plus, having a professional sculpt the hairs that remain can help to ensure that they will fit perfectly under a bikini or cute pair of panties. After all, even with a full growth, nobody wants to look untidy or have stray hairs peeking out at inopportune moments.