What You Need to Start Waxing for Summer in Miami

3Miami has some of the greatest weather in the nation and we celebrate it in bare feet, tiny swimsuits, and sensuous clothing that shows our tan skin. After a long winter covering your feet with boots and hiding your body in thick, shapeless sweaters, it is time to get yourself together.


Toe Waxing

People with hair on their toes likely have that pang of anxiety when someone looks down at their feet. There is no sense in getting a pedicure in the season’s hottest color when your toes are obstructed by patches of thick, dark hair. Toe waxing takes less than 10 minutes and you will be so happy you did it. 

Hand Waxing

Same goes for your hands as for your feet: why get your nails painted in that hot neon pink when it is just going to make the dark hair on your hands stick out? Have confidence in your manicure and get your fingers waxed. You’ll thank us after when you are wearing your fresh mani and statement rings over your flawless fingers.


Say whatever you would like about body hair, but there is nothing better than knowing that you are not only hairless but free of razor burn when you are owning that bikini on the Miami beaches this year. Not only that, but you can forget delaying plans with your girls in order to give yourself time to shave. Your smooth bikini line will be the envy of everyone that sees it. Did we mention no razor burn?

Arm & Shoulder Waxing

Tank tops were made to not only to keep you cool but to show off your tan; tan skin looks better waxed. Not only is it impossible to shave your shoulders yourself and get every hair, but it is also easier to apply an even self-tanner when you don’t have extra body hair in the way. And that strapless dress is going to look so much better with a set of bare shoulders.

Stomach Waxing

Stomach waxing sounds like a bit much, but trust us, you need it. Forget shaving your stomach every time you wear that two piece. Have you ever gone out with a bare midriff and looked down only to see a small row of dark hairs you missed while you were in the shower? Yeah, us too. Stomach waxing is the answer to never having to fear looking down at your stomach again.