How to Maintain Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash by Wax SpaEyelash extensions can be super eye-catching (pun intended). But, as with any beauty regimen, keeping eyelash extensions looking their best takes a little effort. Sure, you can always use the cheap stick-on ones available at drug and grocery stores that you throw away after each use. But, if you want to look your best, you need to use quality lash extensions like the ones offered at Wax Spa. Of course, watching one of your Wax Spa eyelash extensions trickling down the drain after washing your face could be heartbreaking. So, to keep that from happening, here are a few tips to get the most out of your eyelash extensions.

Use the Right Makeup

Most will find our eyelash extensions look outstanding and lush without any mascara, and we actually recommend you skip using it since it will help your lashes last longer. But, if you simply must wear mascara, make sure it is glycol-free.

Keep Your Face Oil Free

Our faces naturally secrete oils, and these oils can even help fight wrinkles. But, just as too much oil can lead to an unattractive complexion and break-outs, it can also compromise the chemical bond between your eyelash extensions and your eyelid. Keep your face clean and avoid applying face creams around your eyelashes.

Be Gentle

To the extent possible, avoid touching your eyelashes. If they tangle, a little brushing is fine, but be gentle. Do not yank on your eyelash extensions or they will come free from the skin.

Remove Eye Makeup Carefully

Eye makeup is usually designed to stay on, so removing it can be a bit of a task even under normal circumstances. But, when you are wearing eyelash extensions it can be even more problematic. Excessive rubbing can rip off the extensions, while strong chemicals can dissolve the glue that keeps them attached to your eyelids. For that reason, you should only use approved eye makeup removers and use a movement that sweeps up and away from the lash extension to minimize the damage chemicals in these cleansers may have on the eyelash adhesive.


Eyelash extensions do eventually start to wear out, so it is important to keep them regularly maintained. Try not to wait too long before fill-ins, and schedule regular appointments to get small touch-ups every 2-4 weeks. It is actually easier and less expensive to do touch-ups rather than complete do-overs. That way, you will always look your best and save money while you do it.

Following these simple steps will help to keep your eyelashes looking their best. With a little extra effort you will have luscious lashes that attract all the right attention for a long time to come.