Looking for some lash inspiration? We’ve got you covered.

Celebrities have endless beauty features that always strike a pang of jealousy in us average joes. Plump lips, shiny hair, the list goes on. But who’s got the lushest lashes in Hollywood? Allow us to fill you in (pun intended).

Mila Kunis. That 70’s chick knows the how to play up her voluminous lashes, outlining them in dark liner, drawing your attention right to her eyes. No wonder she’s been named “Sexiest Woman Alive” and been featured on Maxim’s Hot 100 list.

Kim Kardashian. Lash queen, makeup queen, contour queen. This reality star’s makeup artists put false lashes on top of false lashes! Can you believe that?! And mascara on top of that! But if you’re going for that extra-wispy Kardashian, look, this method will do.

Lea Michele. This Broadway and sitcom star’s eyelashes always wow. She uses products that add dimension to her lashes and complements them with sexy eye makeup. With some deep digging, we found out her secret to making her lashes look fuller: she extends her liner past the rim of her upper lids and flicks up softly to match the curve of her outer eyelashes.

Kerry Washington. This gladiator knows how to make a beauty statement. She often makes her eyes the feature of focus by accentuating them with fabulous false lashes and mascara. We’ve noticed that Washington likes to opt for length, making her big, beautiful, eyes front and center.

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