Limit Yourself from Using these DIY Facial Scrubs

sea salt facial scubDo-it-yourself facial scrubs have been the rage for quite a while, but some of those scrubs are not suitable for everyone . As the name suggests, a diy scrub can be made out of materials commonly found around the kitchen. However, there are items that should never be used to cleanse the face! Many of these products either don’t work at all or they irritate and inflame the skin, which makes whatever problem they were used for even worse.

According to the National Institutes of Health, the pH of normal skin is a little less than 5, which means skin is fairly acidic. It is at this level where the beneficial bacteria and other protective flora thrive. So, to apply something that makes the skin too acidic or too alkaline runs the risk of destroying this flora, which leads to problems. Abrasive DIY facial scrubs are supposed to remove the dead, top layer of skin and reveal the new, fresh skin beneath, while stimulating the body to produce collagen, a substance that keeps the skin springy. However, if a person does not know how to do this properly she can simply damage her skin. Moreover, facial skin is more delicate than skin found elsewhere on the body. With this in mind, here are some DIY facial scrubs that should never be used:

Lemon Scrub

In this procedure, a lemon is cut in half, dipped in salt and applied to the skin. This is an excellent treatment for cleaning and sanitizing a cutting board, but it absolutely should not be used on skin. Lemons are simply too acidic, and salt is too abrasive.

Baking Soda Scrub

Baking soda is much too alkaline to use as a scrub. It not only changes the pH of the face, but can damage the layer of fats that also protect the skin. The lipid layer of your face is what does all the grunt work—keeping bad stuff out and keeping good stuff in. Alkaline-based ingredients that are not controlled can compromise that lipid-layer over time and end up damaging your skin.


cleaners with baking soda and lemon can strip off natural oils from the face

Apple Cider Vinegar Scrub

Though apple cider vinegar seems to be the answer to many health problems nowadays, it qualifies as one of the harmful homemade face scrubs. It is much too acidic and like baking soda can deplete the skin of protective fats. Ingesting it may also may cause your skin to flare up and make acne worst. apple cider vinegar scrub

Essential Oil Scrub

Essential oils are just the thing for relaxation and to perk up a potpourri, but most are too harsh to be used on facial skin. Exceptions might be tea, chamomile and lavender essential oils, but even these need to be used sparingly.

Crystal Scrub

Scrubs made mostly of salt or sugar are not the best exfoliates and can tear skin up if they are used too vigorously.

homemade facial scrubs

sea salt

Toothpaste Scrub

There is a reason that toothpaste is used to clean tooth enamel, which is the hardest substance in the body. Many toothpastes includes silica, which is a highly abrasive ingredient. For a truly effective spot treatment, get a clay mask. For whose problems have already been discussed. They also contain abrasives and irritants such as mint oil. Toothpastes make for quite harmful homemade face scrubs.

This all may sound difficult to understand f you don’t know anything about pH balancing, cellular health, and lipid-layers. But that’s why we have amazing estheticians who are educated in this stuff and know how you to walk you through the best, safest skincare routine for your face. Book a microdermabrasion with one of them today and get start gett