How To Keep Your Face Fresh For Summer

fresh-summer-faceSummer is a wonderful time of year with opportunities for exercise, travel and fun. It’s also a time for colorful clothing, trendy makeup and fresh, new summer looks. Just as important as a flowing summer dress, or pink pencil skirt is the youthful, rejuvenated, makeup blends of color and tone. Creating a fresh face with the following summer makeup tips is easy and fun.

Youthful Summer Skin
Before applying makeup think about natural methods of creating fresh, toned skin. One of those ways is to begin with a warm or hot washcloth treatment each morning for 5-10 minutes, followed by a cool splash of rose water or water with a few drops of rejuvenating oil. Wash and moisturize and apply makeup.

Using Primer
One of the makeup steps many people skip is using primer. Summer, more than any other time of year requires a look that lasts all day, and protects from harmful rays. Using a primer under makeup that contains SPF will leave a fresh look, protect from the sun, and keep a glowing look all day.

Waterproof Makeup
Because you never know when the day will require a dip in the pool, or the day’s heat will require makeup that keeps its healthy look, always select waterproof cosmetics in the summer. Summer days can be hot, and makeup that is resistant to moisture is always best.

Use Cream Blush
Another tip for the summer is using cream products, such as crème blushes. Powder is simply not a good selection as it is not resistant to moisture, and doesn’t always create the light shimmery look summer requires. Beach lovers might need a special selection that allows for application of blush on cheeks and lips, and allows for casual application with fingertips. This allows for transition from the pool to lunch in quickly and easily.

Applying Bronzers
Bronzers are extremely important in the summer. Not only do they give a youthful glow, but they create a finished look that can even make teeth and eyes look healthier, and glowing. One of the key tips to applying bronzer is to concentrate and apply on areas where the sun hits the face. Areas such as forehead, chin, nose and cheeks are good areas. Shoulders and neck are also good for swept up hair styles, or sleeveless summer trends.

Avoid Highlighters
Highlighters, if used at all, should be used sparingly. Highlighters are great for other seasons of the year, but summer with its bright sun does not require more lighting effects. Makeup should look blended and naturally contoured, not overdone, and too glowing. Foundations with excessive lumination should probably go on the shelf for the summer. Choose lighter, more natural looks for the summer.