How to Use Waxing for Smoother Skin

exfoliation and waxingWhen you think about the benefits of body waxing, odds are your mind goes directly to removing unwanted hair. While that is the reason most opt for the service, here at Wax Spa we love to feature the additional benefits of the most convenient way to remove hair. Because body and facial waxing removes not only hair, but the dead skin cells on the top layer of skin, it is a great way to encourage healthier, smoother skin.

Removing Unwanted Hair (And Dead Skin)

Does the skin on your legs and arms feel a bit more abrasive than it should? Does moisturizer and lotion soak into your skin faster than you can hope to apply it? The problem might be in a buildup of dead skin cells on the top layer of your skin.

Waxing helps peel off layers of dead skin while simultaneously removing unsightly, unwanted hair. We are not saying that waxing eliminates the need to exfoliate, but it does provide a once a month (or bi-monthly) exfoliation of the top layer of skin. Our team of professional estheticians at Wax Spa loves surprising first-timers with the results of a routine body wax.

lotion and smoother skinExfoliation and Opening Pores

You might notice that, after a session of waxing, your skin is a bit more sensitive than usual. This is proof positive of just how effective waxing is at removing the top layer of skin and exfoliating. Just like when exfoliating, after waxing it is important to avoid any harsh chemicals or beauty products. Keep the area clean. After about a day, use daily application of moisturizer [the more natural the better] to encourage healthier, smoother skin.

It can be helpful to begin exfoliating skin again after about three or four days after the waxing services. This helps remove any extra dead skin and foster a healthier, more silky smooth outer layer.

Interested in experiencing the benefits of removing unwanted hair and exfoliation? Contact Wax Spa today to get started.