How to Prepare for a Body Wax Treatment

Body Wax PrepareGoing to a salon or spa for any type of body wax service is an intimidating experience. Even if it is not your first time, there are several strategies that can make the experience a more pleasant one. Before ever stepping foot into a wax spa, consider taking the following steps to ensure a more effective and pleasant waxing.

 Step One: Examine and Trim Before a Body Wax

Examining your own skin before walking into a waxing appointment is essential. Any breakouts, sunburns, or skin legions could hinder the effectiveness of waxing. Even moles and skin tags can cause issue with a waxing service. Make a not of any area you want to avoid and remember to notify the esthetician of the problem areas.

When waxing, hair should not be too long or too short. Generally, hair should be about ½ inch or ¾ inches long. Too short, and the waxing might not take out as much hair as desired. Too long, and the wax service is likely to be ineffective and painful. Either avoid shaving for two weeks prior or lightly trim overgrown areas before heading off to the spa.

Step Two: Prepare Skin

A good esthetician can work with pretty much any type of skin, but it is helpful to prepare before a body wax. Clean and exfoliate your skin while you are in the shower. Cleaner skin is easier to wax. Don’t irritate skin when exfoliating, just be gentle and firm enough to clean out any dead skin cells or clogged pores.

Make sure after cleaning that skin is properly hydrated and moisturized. Do not, however, use a moisturizer that contains oil. Skin should be well hydrated but dry, allowing the wax to properly adhere to the skin. A body wax on wet, oily skin is an ineffective one.

Step Three: Plan for the Body Wax

It is important to schedule a body wax ahead of time. Make sure to undergo a waxing when your skin is in good condition. Too much sun exposure can cause sensitive skin, making the waxing experience more painful. Even menstruation can cause irritated skin. Also, make sure to avoid waxing if using powerful skin treatments like AHA or retinoid treatments.

Some people swear by preempting pain with pain relievers. Although some anti-inflammatory medications can help, it is essential to consult a medical professional before taking any medication. Before walking into a body wax appointment, make sure you and your skin is prepared.