How Much Should I Tip At A Wax Salon?

Tipping is something done after certain types of services are rendered, and there are all kinds of unspoken rules when it comes to this practice. One of the sets of rules that most do not know enough about is salon tipping etiqutte. Is there an exact amount that one should place as their tip for this service? We explore this issue.

Getting Personal

A lot of the reason for salon tipping etiqutte has to do with the fact that the people who work there are getting very personal with you and your body. As such, they ought to receive a little extra for the effort. It just makes everyone feel a little more comfortable to have some extra money earned for these very personal services.

Naturally, a salon has a lot of different services offered. Some go in to get their nails done, others have work done on their hair, and finally some come in for a wax. As it turns out, waxing tipping etiquette is a little different than the tipping standards for other services.

What Makes Waxing Different?

Lets just face it, getting a wax is very personal. It is more in depth than getting one’s nails done or something of that nature.. It is up to the personal who receives these very personal service to adhere to waxing tipping etiquette and tip a little more.d

What Constitutes The Right Amount To Tip?

Lets just start with the basics, you should tip on all services. There are some who try to raise a voice of objection to tipping for salon and other services as well. However, the truth is that tipping provides a vital amount of the money that these service providers make.

Etiquette dictates that tips on a waxing should be 20% of the price of the service or even more if you feel comfortable with that. It is a large amount to be sure, but that is because you want the job done correctly every time and because you understand the amount of work that goes into getting a wax.

As long as you attempt to honor the person who has rendered a service for you, you are meeting the spirit of tipping.