How Much Should I Pay for Body Waxing Services?

It’s summertime. We could all use a little bit of hair removal. Legs, backs, and bikini areas are a challenge (and, in some places, completely impossible) to shave and wax on one’s own. To get all that unsightly hair removed, it’s best to visit a body waxing salon like Wax Spa in Miami. Before heading into the spa, however, it is a good idea to figure out what you should be paying for body waxing services.

Common Body Waxing Services and Priceswaxing prices

Much like any other service or good, prices vary drastically based on geographic area and quality of the product or service. With waxing, it is no different. In more rural areas, prices are quite low and can start at as much as $15. In larger cities, prices can climb as high as $120 for a simple service. For those who live in Miami, prices range from $40 to $100 or more.

At Wax Spa in Miami, the prices for a full leg wax for women is only $43, an extremely competitive price in the greater Miami area. A simple stomach strip, however, is just $9. The price differences are large, but tend to correlate to the amount of space waxed.

Some of the most common body waxing treatments include bikini and leg areas. The list below includes some of the most common waxing services for beautiful Miami summers:

Bikini Line: $16
Brazilian Bikini: $23
Upper Legs: $29
Back and Shoulders: $28
Lower Stomach: $14

body waxing service prices

All of the above prices are based on services for women. For men, prices are almost always higher when it comes to wax services. Why is this? Men tend to have thicker, more expansive hair growth that is harder to remove. Since body hair removal on men tends to take longer, prices reflect that truth.

A good rule of thumb for men is $5 above the price of smaller waxing services for women. When it comes to larger areas, $10 to $15 more is a common price difference. It is a good idea, however, to check with your favorite body waxing locale for current prices before setting an appointment.