How Body Waxing Makes Financial Sense

save money with body waxingBody waxing from a spa like Wax Spa in Miami can help make you not only smoother, but a bit more flush financially as well. The amount of time and money spent on the routine shaving of legs, arms, or back adds up much more quickly than some might expect. In areas like Miami where the beach season is nearly year-round, keeping off unwanted body hair requires shaving as much as three or four times each week.

Professional estheticians at practices like Wax Spa are capable of removing hair so thoroughly  that waxing services could last as long as two months. If you do the math and factor in the time it takes to shave, body waxing services in places like Miami just make sense.

The Math Behind Body Waxing

Quality razors for manual shaving normally cost about $8 initially and then $15 for a pack of four refills. At$23, these razors might last as much as two weeks, but constant shaving to avoid stubble can lower the lifespan to less than two weeks. Two months of razors could cost as much as $80 for proper shaving that is comfortable, safe, and waxing in Miamiaffective.

A full leg waxing service for women at a place like Wax Spa is priced barely above $43. Since quality waxes can last as much as two months, even the cheapest razors probably wouldn’t keep up with a daily shaver versus an individual who ventures out for a wax once every two months. The other factor in choosing body waxing services is the amount of time that can be saved.

Saving Time with Body Waxing

Have you ever heard the phrase, “Time is money?” This saying is especially true when it comes to residents of Miami. Making connections and attending social events often results in beneficial business deals and networking. Instead of missing out on a half hour or entire hour because of fumbling around with shaving legs from toe to hip, individuals can simply jump into their clothes and be ready to go.

Even if shaving only takes a couple of minutes for quick hair removal, the time sill adds up. At a minimum of five minutes for shaving three times per week, more than an hour and a half is used up bending at awkward angles in a two month period. In lieu of this, many individuals choose ten minutes in a relaxing setting for a full leg wax.

Body waxing in Miami at professional practices like Wax Spa can save people both time and money.