How Body Waxing Improves Your Skin

waxed skinDon’t get us wrong, most come into Wax Spa to remove unwanted hair from their body. Waxing is a great way to eliminate hair in sensitive or difficult to reach areas, but it also serves another purpose. Body waxing actually helps remove dead and dry skin cells. Waxing certain areas of the body encourages a more even, supple skin tone.

Getting a body wax isn’t just about getting rid of unwanted hair, it’s also about creating smooth, attractive skin.


Body Waxing and Exfoliation

Before getting a wax on any area of the body, it is a good idea to take a shower and become as clean as possible. Even after a thorough scrubbing, dead skin cells are often still attached to the armpits, legs, and the entire body. Quality waxing services use a body-temperature wax that smooths onto the targeted area, is pulled off, and removes hair follicles. Waxing at a business like Wax Spa also offers a secondary benefit of helping to remove the top layer of dead skin cells.

Clients are consistently surprised at how smooth and healthy skin is the days immediately following the service. Waxing can be a great way to help exfoliate the skin.

Body Waxing and Skin Texture

Believe it or not, having bi-monthly waxing done aids in improving skin texture and softness. Setting up a schedule to exfoliate skin and remove excess hair through body waxing can significantly improve the quality of skin texture. Smoothing out legs and arms with removal of stubborn hair and dry and dead skin is a great solution for those seeking a more glowing, beautiful skin tone.

No More Stubble

Stubble and small, ingrown hairs can irritate skin and cause redness when the timing is worst. Being ready for any moment means waxing away stubble and encouraging smoother skin. Stubble rubbing against pants and shirts is quickly irritating and bothersome. A relaxed, smoother skin is just a wax appointment away.