Guys, Don’t Be Wimps, Wax Those Bushy Brows

Men should not be afraid to waxWay too many guys think waxing is just for girls. Not so, modern man. If you, like millions of other guys, have a unibrow or eyebrows that look like two caterpillars crawling across your face, you need to do something. This is the kind of manscaping that even the manliest of men can get behind, and it is terribly important because it is right on your face: the thing everyone focuses on everyday when they talk to you.

Get Over Misconceptions

Many men are still stuck in an overly macho past where waxing was just for women. News flash: lots of guys are getting waxing done these days, and it is not just pretty boys or New Jersey Shore types. Waxing is a much better and (on balance) less painful way to deal with hairy eyebrows or unibrow than plucking with tweasers, making it a natural choice for plenty of guys.

There is nothing manly about having hair where you are not supposed to or having attack eyebrows. With waxing, you get rid of that nasty hair in less than 5 minutes, and generally do not have to deal with it again for at least a month. Plus, for many guys, the hair starts coming in thinner and lighter after waxing and may eventually stop growing all together.

 Waxing Takes Guts

While we generally try to refer to waxing in terms like “mildly unpleasant,” or as causing “slight discomfort,” the truth is that waxing sure as heck does not tickle. You think it is going to be hard to get a few stray eyebrow hairs pulled? Try getting your entire leg or bikini area waxed. That smarts, and lots of ladies are doing it. Are you going to tell your girlfriend, mother, sister, and every lady at the gym that she has more guts than you to get all that stuff waxed? Man up!

 Check the Mirror

Now, if you are strongly considering it, just take a minute to look at yourself in the mirror. Get a clear picture in mind of how you look right now and how you want your brows to look when they are finished. Be very clear with your waxing professional about what you want and how you want it to look. And, be realistic with your expectations: it is a waxing stick, not a magic wand.

Remember, it is natural to have a little redness and even possibly some swelling immediately after a waxing, but those subside quickly. A day after your waxing, take a look in the mirror and check out how much better your eyebrows look after just a few minutes of work. And now, they will stay looking that way for about a month, at which point you will need to get a little touch up done.


Real men get their eyebrows waxed. Ladies have known for years about the benefits of waxing andthey have not let a little discomfort make them wuss out on a month without having to worry about shaving. So, what is your excuse? Get those bushy brows taken care of and get to looking the way you (and probably all the ladies in your life) want you to look.