Full, Beautiful, Clean: Lip Waxing

Mirror and facial waxingIt’s an issue very few of us want to talk about. We look in the mirror, see the little hairs, and ignore them. For women of all backgrounds, presence of hair on the lips and face is a common self-confidence destroyer. The area is sensitive, the hair noticeable, and the options to eliminate it few. We love helping women walk out of the door with confidence through facial waxing services like lip waxing.

You don’t have to worry about unwanted hair. You don’t have to grimace at the mirror. We’re here to help.

How It Works 

The upper and lower lips are indeed tender spots on the body. Wax Spa estheticians are trained to make the experience as comfortable as possible. Here’s how it works:

  • You are greeted and directed into the proper area.
  • The professional esthetician warms the wax to a comfortable skin temperature.
  • Wax is carefully and precisely applied with a fresh applicator.
  • After a quick pull, almost all hair is removed.

For us, waxing is an art-form. Applying the right amount of wax at the perfect temperature takes practice, and we have plenty of that. We also try to make the entire experience relaxing; it’s all in our name: Wax Spa. If you live anywhere near North Miami Beach, you never have to be nervous about waxing services again.

Thankfully, for clients of Wax Spa, it will never get this extreme.

Thankfully, for clients of Wax Spa, it will never get this extreme.

 Why We’re More Precise

Some businesses just want to get you in and out to get on to the next client. Facial waxing at Wax Spa is all about a great service performed in a relaxing environment. Our team is committed to providing precise services with extreme attention to detail.

How do we go above and beyond? For some of the more stubborn and hard to reach hairs, tweezing after a waxing is essential. This helps get rid of any unsightly hair to leave a smooth, residue free lip.

Want more precise, more perfected lip waxing services? Stop on by our office today!