Five Things You Need to Know Before Making a Body Waxing Appointment

5 things you need to know about body waxingIf you have never had the chance to schedule an appointment for body waxing, there are a few things you might want to know in advance. Understanding how to prepare, what not to fear, and how long of an appointment you can expect helps make the entire experience more enjoyable. Yes, I said enjoyable. Having smooth legs, arms, backs, and bikini lines for months on end without even having to look at a razor is indeed an enjoyable thing.

What You Need to Know: It Isn’t That Painful

The hushed whispers, the painful sounds, the deep inhales, and the hollywood stereotypes make body waxing sound like the scariest thing in existence. At Wax Spa, our trained and experienced estheticians know how to apply wax and remove hair with minimal pain. Add in our relaxing atmosphere, and you might even be able to enjoy the experience a bit.

trimming leg hair

What You Need to Know: Trim First (But Leave a Little)

Getting a body wax, no matter what area of the body, requires that you trim a bit beforehand. Hair should be trimmed to half or a quarter of an inch in length. This helps the wax and strips take hold properly and remove hair from the root for smoother, more even skin.

What You Need to Know: It Doesn’t Take Long

What can you expect as far as length of time of a body waxing session? For full leg hair removal, expect about a 30 minute session or less. For forearms, just ten minutes or so. If you really want to know how long it will take, ask your waxing professional beforehand. Body shape, size, amount of hair, and location all affect the amount of time it will take.

What You Need to Know: Price

At Wax Spa, we are up front with all of our prices. A full leg wax for a woman at Wax Spa in Miami is $43, bikini line is $16, and the back and shoulders $28. Want to know all our prices? Check out our body waxing pricing page.

What You Need to Know: Trust the Esthetician

It is important that you speak with your esthetician (waxing professional) before (and while) waxing. Make sure you let them know if you have allergies, take medications like Accutane, or use topical creams (think AHAs or Retin-A). Also, once started, don’t interrupt the waxing session (things go much more quickly if you let the esthetician work).

Want more information about waxing? Contact Wax Spa to get a body wax today.