Five of the Most Popular Facial Waxing Procedures

lip waxingWhen people think of waxing services, images of smooth legs and hairless chests are usually the most common. Facial waxing services are, however, one of the more common types of waxing. Home-kits for waxing between eyebrows or above the lip just won’t cut it. Wax Spa is home to experienced estheticians who spend years perfecting their craft to offer quick, painless, and relaxing waxing (even when the wax is between your eyes).

Why spend hours (or days) tweezing when there are world-class facial waxing services just down the road?

Eyebrow Waxing

Tweezing is time consuming and painful, and the hair just grows back. It is also incredibly easy to over-tweeze eyebrows and end up with an irreversible mess. Instead of turning to the dreaded tweezers day after day, a quick eyebrow waxing can remove hair and make it comes back thinner. Eyebrow waxing at Wax Spa $15 for women and $20 for men.

Lip Waxing

Upper and lower lips are common places to find unsightly hair. Women who pursue tweezing and bleaching hair on a regular basis know how inconvenient the hair growth can be. Lip waxing is faster and more thorough than any other solution. Lip waxing service at Wax Spa costs just $9 for upper lips and $6 for lower lips.

Cheek Waxing

Normally, hair on the cheeks comes in pretty light. Still, getting rid of it can be difficult, especially when the hair growth starts to get out of control. Instead of shaving every day, many Miami area residents turn to Wax Spa’s cheek waxing for $14.

Chin Waxing

The chin is an incredibly sensitive area, or for too many unwanted hair is a continual problem. Plucking chin hair can water your eyes and ruin your day. Wax Spa’s chin waxing services are priced at just $10.

Sideburn Waxing

Sideburn growth is incredibly common in women. Women of all ages often have to shave or tweeze every day to get rid of it. Instead of wasting your time, try Wax Spa’s sideburn waxing options for just $12.


All prices are based on waxing services for women.