What to Expect for your First Bikini Wax

It is common to be skeptical about getting a Bikini wax for the first time. Whether you’ve heard how much it hurts or been told horror stories about how a wax can go very wrong, we know that it can be frightening. The concept of paying someone big bucks to rip your hair out by the roots may seem insane. The secret is, it doesn’t hurt as bad as you may think, and you’ll be obsessed with the results. There’s no need to worry because we’ll let you know everything you need to know before taking that first trip to the wax salon.

First things first. It is normal to be self-conscious about exposing yourself to a complete stranger. To get rid of some of those nerves, think of your wax specialist as a gynecologist. They do this for a living and they’ve seen it all before. So, don’t worry about what they may be thinking about your lady parts.

It is vital to choose the right place to get your first wax. We do not recommend purchasing a wax kit and attempting to do it yourself. It is best to go to a salon that specializes in waxing, where they know the techniques that are easiest on the skin. Make sure the technicians’ licenses are on display and if not, be sure to check with your state’s office. One of the most important things to look out for is cleanliness. It is also a good idea to read some reviews online before choosing a location.

Once you’ve chosen a salon, you’ll then need to decide which type of bikini wax is best for you. There are various types of bikini waxes to choose from. It all depends on how much hair you want to be removed. The most popular style is the ‘Bikini’ and this technique involves only removing the hair from the areas that will be exposed while wearing a bathing suit. This is the ideal wax for first timers. Getting a ‘Brazilian’ requires removing a lot more hair. Usually all the hair is removed and just a ‘landing strip’ is left. You can also request different shapes for your landing strip if you’re feeling adventurous. The ‘Hollywood’ is going completely bald from front to back. Beginners beware! This probably isn’t the service you want your first time, but if you’re feeling brave, go for it!

During the procedure the wax specialist will have you lie down on a salon bed. The specialist will ask you to bend one leg and to leave the other flat. Some specialists’ will ask you to bend both legs and put the bottoms of your feet together. While wearing gloves the specialist will apply wax in small sections to your hair using a spatula. The wax will be warm, and the specialist should ask you if the temperature is good. Next, a strip of cloth or muslin is applied on top of the wax, the specialist will press down for a few seconds and then pull the strip off with one sharp tug. They will continue this process until all the desired hair is removed. When the specialist is done they’ll check to make sure they’ve removed all the hair and will use tweezers to remove any hair that was left behind. The last thing your wax specialist will do is apply a soothing cream all over. A little bit of redness may occur for a few hours after your wax.

We know the main thing you want to know is how painful it will be. Everyone’s threshold for pain is different, but this process will not be completely painless. Some areas will hurt a lot and in other areas you’ll barely flinch. The pain usually doesn’t last more than three seconds with every tug. The specialist will press down on the skin after removing the strip to alleviate pain. Taking pain medication before your appointment can help as well. The good news is that the more you have it done, the easier it gets.

Here at Wax Spa we have the best specialists that will make your first wax experience as pleasant as possible. You can give us a call at set up your free consultation at 305-940-5141. We look forward to speaking with you!