Facial Waxing: How to Prepare Your Face

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Facial waxing is an experience that many people are simply not prepared for. Without understanding how to prepare for a professional waxing, results can be lackluster. Getting properly prepared for a waxing is essential for making the waxing last a longer period of time. For a few simple tips that can make a large difference, read up on the techniques below.

Facial Waxing and Hair Growth

A proper facial wax is actually best conducted when a little bit of hair growth is allowed. With absolutely no facial hair, it is difficult for the wax to bind to hair in order for proper hair removal. In fact, there needs to be a significant amount of hair in order for proper waxing to occur. Most professional waxers actually advise individuals to wait to have about ½ or ¼ inch of hair before being waxed.

Although some cannot stand even that much hair, professional estheticians prefer that clients have quite a bit of hair in order to complete the wax. Those who get waxes regularly should wait at least three weeks before getting another wax. Some people do have a little bit more hair growth and can use more hair waxing services, but two to four weeks is about the average.

Make Sure Skin is Smooth

A completely clean skin surface is almost impossible to ensure, but the cleaner the better. I am not just talking about dirt and grime, but blemishes, skin issues, and cuts as well. These types of skin issues tend to be hard to work around, so be prepared for less quality facial waxing if you have quite a few skin legions or cuts of any kind.

Although it is important to have no sunburns or too many blemishes, you should not go overboard. Believe it or not, but most professionals actually prefer that clients do not exfoliate at all beforehand. Also, women should consider their cycle into when to get a facial waxing due to blemishes and sensitive skin issues.

The Day of the Wax

The actual day of the wax is pretty important when it comes to preparing for a facial waxing. Do not use any cremes or lotions the day before the wax since it can make the entire process much more difficult. Also, do not tan in any way before waxing, as it can make skin incredibly sensitive. Preparing for a wax can make the entire process much more effective and less painful.