Do Lymphatic Drainage Services Actually Work?

featured lymphatic drainage massageIt sounds too good to be true. The fact is that Lymphatic Drainage does actually work. It’s no “fad” either. Lymphatic Drainage was developed in the 1930s by Emil Vodder. A native of Copenhagen who lived on the French Riviera, actually earned a degree in philosophy and worked mainly in the world of art. Since then, Lymphatic Drainage has gained quite a bit of popularity as an alternative procedure that helps to release and rid the body of toxins.

At Wax Spa, Lymphatic Drainage is used to help flush toxins out of the body. People often leave a session more relaxed and at ease.

How Lymphatic Drainage Works

How does Lymphatic Drainage work? This service simply works by using a machine or hands to create a slow, circular pumping movement on target areas. These target areas help to stimulate the body’s lymphatic system. Since the lymphatic system exists just underneath the skin, the slow, circular movements help to encourage the detoxification of the lymphatic system.

Most people who want to detox choose to commit to about four sessions. At Wax Spa, Lymphatic Drainage is used for for detoxification, edema, pre- and post-plastic surgery and post-liposuction and much, much more. It is quite relaxing and benefits from years of perfection in place like The North American Dr. Vodder School, based in Victoria, British Columbia.

This lymph drainage technique is used by a range of people for a variety of uses. Check out just a few of the reasons some choose this type of service:

  • Releases cellular waste
  • Helps deliver nutrients to cells
  • Movement of bacteria, viruses and toxins
  • Elimination of excess fluid
  • Prevention of lymph fluid from solidifying with collagen fibers in fat cells
  • Non-invasive
  • Convenient

Since this type of procedure helps release cellular waste, most people who undergo it are told to stay away from alcohol and salt to make sure that the body can properly rid itself of the waste. Lymphatic Drainage at Wax Spa is a popular choice amongst Miami residents of all backgrounds.