Common Waxing Fears Debunked: The 5 Fears of Waxing

Fear of waxingBody waxing doesn’t have to be painful, uncomfortable, or feared. At Wax Spa, we create a comfortable atmosphere for every client that walks through our doors. The majority of people fear waxing services for one reason or another. We’re here to erase those fears.

Check out these five common waxing fears, and why none of them come true at Wax Spa.

Waxing and Extreme Pain

Movies like the “40 Year Old Virgin” have created a meme among many that waxing is the most painful thing in the universe. Although home waxing can hurt like heck, professional waxing services from an esthetician are sometimes even pleasant. We use body-temperature wax and professional techniques to remove hair with almost no pain whatsoever. Compared to the nicks and cuts of traditional shaving, waxing might even be the more comfortable way to get rid of unwanted hair.

Waxing and Ingrown Hairs

“My friends got a body wax, and they had so many ingrown hairs afterwards.”

If this is something you or your friend have said during the course of small talk, odds are you haven’t been to Wax Spa. With proper preparation, hair is actually removed from the root, not just from the bass of the follicle. After waxing, we even tweeze out any hair that was missed. Waxing rarely, if ever, causes as much ingrown hair as quick shaving does.

Waxing Is Expensive

No. Just no. Waxing might be more expensive in the short-term, but compared to the time and money it takes to shave constantly, waxing is a deal and a half. Just check out our body waxing services page at and compare it to the money spent on having a fresh razor each and every shave.

Waxing Is Weird and UncomfortableShaved legs

It’s all in our name. Waxing services from professionals is relaxing, private, and safe. Although waxing with a friend or walking into an unprofessional practice can be weird (and is definitely uncomfortable), we truly provide a spa atmosphere for all of our clients. Comfortable. Private. Safe. Convenient.

Waxing and Skin Damage

If you are afraid waxing can damage your skin, here’s one more fear you can toss out. For most people, waxing actually improves the softness and health of skin. Waxing removes the top layer of dead skin cells and makes it easier for new, healthy skin to grow. Although some individuals do have a reaction to waxing, such cases are extremely rare.

When it comes to waxing, there really isn’t anything to be afraid of.