Cleanliness Is Next to Godliness: Body Waxing at Wax Spa

cleaning and wax spaAt Wax Spa, we take cleanliness seriously. The health and well-being of our customers is our priority. Sure, we focus on removing hair and helping people experience the smoothest skin of their lives. Our estheticians provide some of the most throughout body waxing services in not only the Miami area, but across the US as well.

Removing hair is our passion, but we make the cleanliness of our spa our job.

A Clean Wax Spa in Miami

When you sign up for body waxing services from a less than reputable spa, cleanliness can certainly be an issue. Businesses that have little experience in the industry, or who only offer waxing as a side service, sometimes skimp out on disposal of wax and spatulas. The thing is, this can lead to contamination and the spreading of bacteria and disease.

disposal of wax spatulas

The body waxing services at Wax Spa are carefully planned to offer the cleanest, safest environment possible. We never recycle our wax or spatulas. We strive each and every day to create a truly contamination free hair removal center.

Almost everything we use in the process of waxing is disposable and disposed of after each individual wax.When it comes to non-disposables like our tables and chairs, we ensure that everything is 100 percent sanitized after each and every appointment. Our estheticians are trained not only to thoroughly remove hair, but also on best practices when it comes to cleaning.

Smooth, Clean Skin

We work to remove hair and create clean, soft skin. Our services go beyond body waxing and into skin smoothing offerings like diamond microdermabrasion and body contouring. Waxing off hair helps people clean hard to reach areas more easily. We are just as detail-oriented with hair removal as we are with cleaning our facilities and waxing instruments.

Every person is different, as is every person’s body. We take an individualized approach to body waxing. By adapting to different bodies with different sized strips and wax application methods, we remove unwanted hair from any area of the body.

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