Celebrities Speak: Groom that Bush!


Celebrities Speak: Groom that Bush!

When it comes to pubic hair, most people, groom their pubic hair some other way. Some trim it with scissors, other people– like Jennifer Lopez – break out the razor, and some others, just go Brazilian. It only takes a trip to the local salon – like Wax Spa – to get a good waxing or laser treatment.

Needless to say, each style preference is left up to the individual. The one thing that is common among the general population is that there is a constant pressure on maintaining some sort of grooming from society. Not a lot of people are pleased to deal with other people’s bushes.

Waxing and laser is particularly common among celebrities whose bodies are often exposed in photo and video shoots to the public. Some want to be well groomed, and some want it all gone. Here are our three top celebrities who hate the “bush.”

Jennifer Aniston

The beloved Jennifer Aniston – also known as Rachel from the hit television show, Friends – has no shame on saying that she removes all pubic hair. All of it. In fact, it’s been reported that she is obsessed with staying hair-free. For Jennifer, wax is the perfect option.


The worldwide singing sensation is a natural hit-maker when it comes to music. Not only she sings with smoothness, but her down region is also smooth. She has confessed to actually enjoy getting Brazilian waxes. In the literal sense.  When getting a wax session at a spa, she turned down the numbing cream and laughed: ‘No way, I love the pain. It feels good to me.’

Kim Kardashian

Kim is known everywhere basically for being known. Aside from her infamous sex tape – which gave everyone a view of her pubic hair area situation. Kardashian told Allure “I am Armenian, so of course I am obsessed with laser hair removal! Arms, bikini, legs, underarms … my entire body is hairless.”