Brazilian Body Waxing: What to Expect?

Brazilian body waxing at waxspa.netKnowing what to expect when going all in for Brazilian body waxing is the best way to eliminate fears and the anticipatory nerves before the appointment. Understanding how long it’s going to take, how to prepare beforehand, and what the experience is generally like can be incredibly helpful. Make sure to know what you are getting into before setting up an appointment or canceling one.

How to Prepare for Brazilian Body Waxing

Preparing for a body waxing, especially a brazilian, actually requires a bit of preparation by those getting the wax to be most affective. Make sure not to completely shave off hair before going in for a waxing. One fourth inch or even one half an inch of hair should still be on the body in order for individuals to experience the best possible waxing.

Make sure to know exactly what you want to happen before going into any spa for a waxing. Telling the esthetician what to take off and what not to take off is the best way to get a result you can be happy with. Also, it can be helpful to take a couple of Advil before the treatment to lessen the pain factor. Also, women should make sure to schedule an appointment at least one week after your cycle.

What to Expect

Almost all Brazilian body waxing takes place in a room with a closed door. Most places allow you to remove your clothes on your own in private. After this, individuals are told to lay down on a table with clean paper (some use clean sheets). Some hair might be trimmed to the right length in order to maximize the effectiveness of the treatment.

Next, talcum powder is usually applied to the skin. Waxers then dip a new wooden waxing stick into hot wax and apply it to the skin. Cloth strips are then places on the areas where wax was applied and pressed firmly to assure adhesion. Once all the wax cools, the professional waxer will pull off the strips in the exact opposite direction of hair growth. This removes the hair from the body efficiently and for longer than shaving. Remember, Brazilian body waxing means everything other than the landing strip, so don’t be surprised when the tech moves to your rear.

Sometimes waxing can be painful, and those who cannot take it can ask the esthetician to apply smaller strips. Good estheticians at places like Wax Spa are able to deliver short, quick pulls that keep pain to a minimum, but customization is still an option. Once waxing is finished, many esthetician actually tweeze away any remaining hairs. A good esthetician can deliver a great wax that is minimally painful and that lasts.