Body Waxing for Women Vs. Body Waxing for Men

Body Waxing for men and women Miami

Body wax for women services and body wax for men services are quite similar, but there are some essential differences that are important to understand. The common services in women’s body waxing and men’s body waxing tend to differ quite substantially. Women tend to select various face areas, under arms, and legs when they go in for a body waxing treatment. Men, however, often need areas such as arms, backs, chests waxed more often than not. 

Body Wax for Women

Waxing services for women vary in extremes, but most women opt for facial treatments and a variety of leg and bikini area services. Since waxing removes hair down to the follicle, many women choose this option to mitigate the amount of hair removal they would have to perform otherwise. Even plucking facial hair does not provide the long term results that waxing services offer. Since many areas of the body are incredibly sensitive, women also choose services that specify more sensitive areas.

Here is a list of common areas that body wax for women services offer: 

  • The Hairline: Extra hair on the hairline creates a more unkempt look. Women select services that offer extremely precise hairline waxing.
  • Eyebrows: Eyebrows are probably the most common waxing service available. Plucking eyebrows is a pain and doesn’t last long, but waxing services for women last much longer.
  • Lips and Chin: Many women have hair growth in unwanted places. Body wax for women services are able to get rid of this hair for months at a time.
  • Legs, Feet, Toes: The entire leg is an area with extremely fast hair growth. This hair growth can require shaving six, seven, even eight times a month. A good waxing treatment, however, can last up to two months.
  • Sensitive Areas: Sensitive, waxing in difficult areas like the bikini line are also incredibly popular waxing services.

Body Wax for Men

Men actually do get similar waxing services as women, but there are some significant differences. The density of hair on the face makes facial waxing nearly impossible. Eyebrows, however, are still a common location for a body wax for men service. To get a better grasp on waxing services for men, check out the list below.

  • The Chest: Many men choose a smooth chest. Body waxing on the chest can help men keep up with the rapid hair growth.
  • The Back: Back hair is unsightly. Waxing services on the back last much longer than trying to shave it, and shaving one’s own back is nearly impossible anyway.
  • Arms: Men have arm hair growth that is difficult to keep up with. Body wax for men often consists of extra arm hair removal.