Beyond Trends: Waxing as a New Way of Life

modernwaxingkitWaxing is much, much more than a trend.

Removing hair is as old as human history itself. Okay, so the way we remove almost all body hair might not have as long of a tradition. But, from flint to straight razor, modifying body hair has been a tradition across many cultures for thousands of years. It might just be that we live in a time where we have finally perfected the art.  

About 20 years ago (and still today in some areas), body waxing was largely considered to be a fad, a trend. 20 years later, businesses like Wax Spa are still going strong. We provide a service that helps people feel cleaner, more confident, and more beautiful. Services like that go beyond trends and fads.

old waxing kits

Thankfully, we’ve gotten WAYYY past this.

A Look Into the Past

Let’s not forget how far waxing has come in the past few decades. From home-kits and steaming hot wax to relaxing services with skin temperature waxing and sterilized application, waxing is better than it has ever been. When waxing first began, people were ripping off large strips of hot wax without trimming hair beforehand. Thankfully, we’ve learned a LOT since then.

At Wax Spa, we would like to think we have helped make body waxing a relaxing getaway for people throughout the Miami area. With years of experience, our trained estheticians are able to remove hair without much pain at all. We’ve set up a relaxing atmosphere with the best possible services in the industry.

A Look Into the Future

The future looks bright for the waxing industry. We have perfected an art of hair removal that helps skin look, feel, and remain healthier and smoother. And yet, we are still pushing forward.

At Wax Spa, we constantly push the boundaries of what beauty care in a spa setting can be. We offer a complete set of body contouring services using the latest technologies. From radio frequency treatments to lipocontour ultrasound cavitation, we provide cutting-edge services to round out your experience.

Want to see what the future of beauty and spa care has to offer? Stop into Wax Spa today.