5 reasons you should never shave before going to the beach.

shutterstock_98634398Do you love feeling the sand between your toes and the sun on your back? Maybe you love the effortless cool of walking around barefoot in sunglasses and a bikini or maybe you are the type who loves to dive deep into the salty ocean waters. What do you do, however, when the time comes to get those silky smooth legs ready for the beach? Do you shave or do you wax? These are the seven reasons we believe you should never shave before going to the beach and should always wax for smooth silky legs. 

  • Ingrown Hairs Ruin Bikini Lines
    Have you ever shaved right before a beach outing only to find yourself with pink and red angry bumps all over your legs or right around your bikini line? Your hair is denser and curlier around your bikini line, which leads to frequent ingrown hairs for people who shave. Ingrown hairs can take weeks to heal ruining your perfect bikini look. Ingrown hairs also tend to itch and can make your beach visit insufferable.
  • Fresh Exfoliation Irritates Skin
    Waxing also exfoliates skin cells, but it does so in a gentler way when compared to shaving. When you shave, you nick the skin and leave microscopic cuts that can make skin more vulnerable to sand and irritation from sand. The more irritated your skin becomes, the less likely a smooth complexion will be. Your skin will become rough, course and bumpy if you shave right before a beach outing. Salty ocean water will also irritate freshly shaved skin and can create a stinging sensation.
  • No Unsightly Cuts or Infected Cuts
    Let’s be honest with ourselves for a minute. It’s easy to accidentally cut yourself while shaving and no one wants unsightly cuts at the beach. Unsightly cuts can easily become infected at the beach with sand particles slipping in to the cut. Infected cuts can take several weeks to heal and may even require ointment from a doctor. Doctor’s bills and cut up legs are not what you want to deal with after a day at the beach. Beach days are supposed to be relaxing and fun.
  • You Won’t Have to Shave Again in Two or Three Days
    If you shave before you go to the beach, you will most likely have to shave again in two, three or four days. When you do shave again, you may notice that your skin now has ingrown hairs or cuts. If you wax before you go the beach, you will not have to wax again for another two, three or even four weeks! This means that your skin will not become irritated from frequent shaving and you can spend more time relaxing at the beach with smooth hairless skin.
  • Your Tan Line Will Be Uneven
    Have you ever tried to tan with freshly shaved legs? It’s the worst. All of those little microscopic breaks and tears in the skin that we talked about will not capture the sun’s rays the same way. The result is an uneven tan line. Waxing keeps the skin uniform and avoids microscopic breaks and tears in the skin, which means that a day in the sun after waxing results in an even tan.
  • You Won’t Have to Deal with Dark Hair
    When you shave, you cut off the hair that grows beyond the skin. The hair underneath the skin, the hair shaft, stays. For people with dark hair (and many natural blondes have darker body hair), the color of the hair remains. This is especially true for lighter skinned women. With waxing, the hair and the hair shaft are pulled out of the skin. This means that the annoying darker pigment under the skin will not be visible on bikini lines, legs, underarms or any other waxed area that you normally shave.
  • You Will Be On Your Way to Permanent Hair Removal
    Waxing can lead to permanent hair removal if used on a regular basis for hair removal. It results in hair that grows back finer and lighter. Over time, by constantly placing stress on the hair shaft when pulling the hairs out, the hair bulbs will become damaged and new hair will not grow. This means that through waxing you can decrease visible hair with hair that grows back lighter or not at all!

At-home waxing kits can be difficult and can even end up giving you unsightly burns. Professional waxing treatments are safe and effective. At Wax Spa Miami, we put your needs first and ensure that you walk out of our spa with the silky smooth legs you deserve and a gorgeous bikini line. We also have waxed arms, underarms, toes, stomachs, backs, and offer a variety of Brazilian bikini waxes.