4 Easy Tips To Alleviate Wax Pain For Sensitive Skin

Do you like the look of waxing but hate the side effects of pain that it can cause? When you think of waxing do you just think “Ouch”? If you answered yes to either of these questions, check out these four easy tips to help alleviate wax pain for sensitive skin so you can get that smooth, hair-free skin without the “ouch”!

Body Scrub


Try using a body scrub before waxing to help get rid of dead skin cells around your pores. This makes it easier for the hair follicle to exit and helps reduce the risk it can pose of an ingrown hair.

Skip The Alcohol Coffee, and Smoking


On the day of waxing, be sure to hold off on the alcohol, coffee and smoking. These three items can cause your skin to be more sensitive. Alcohol, coffee and smoking can all raise the acidity in the body causing your nerves to be much more alert to the pain .

Use Baby Powder

baby-powder- alleviate-wax-pain

Dusting a little baby powder over your skin before waxing can help keep the wax from pulling on your skin as it helps remove excess moisture and oils that the wax can stick to. It will focus on removing the hair without as much pain to the skin itself.

Take a Hot Shower or Bath


If you heat your skin up with a hot shower or bath, it will cause the pores to enlarge and loosen the grip on the hair follicles. The looser the grip, the less pain it should cause.

Now that you have read through these tips, you should hopefully feel more comfortable and ready to face the wax! So try to relax and schedule your waxing appointment today now that you know some techniques to help relieve the ouch.