3 Unusual Ideas to Make Waxing Romantic

Unusual Ideas to Make Waxing RomanticNow that Valentine’s Day is behind us, it is a good time to reflect on some of the more unusual requests made of waxing professionals. Waxing has become not just a means of personal hygiene, but a tool of attraction and romance for some couples. After all, if a romantic dinner goes well, many want to have a little surprise in store for their lover.

But, some people have unusual ideas about how that surprise should take shape. Literally.

Unique Shapes and Colors

Increasingly, requests for particular shapes have become quite prevalent. And, they are more than just the traditional “landing strip.” Some want their waxing professionals to make works of art from the client’s nether regions.

Hearts are, of course, fairly common. But, thunderbolts, initials, and even faces have become increasingly popular requests. Of course, waxing professionals must manage a client’s expectations, reminding them that this is hair removal, not painting, tattooing, or sculpting. As a result, the fine details some clients seem to expect are unlikely or impossible. But, as long as the client understands that rough outlines and characters are about the best that can be accomplished, it is possible to achieve some level of creativity with these unusual canvases.

Other requests include shaping hair then dying it a particular color. For example, a shamrock made from chest hairs and dyed green for St. Patrick’s Day. Or, a heart shaped from pubic hairs and dyed red.

Couple’s Wax

Another emerging trend is the “couple’s wax.” Some couples request having their waxing performed together, much like a couple’s massage. Whether this is a reflection of the couple’s commitment to sharing every experience or a way for the kinky to share an experience that involves a small amount of discomfort, it is definitely a new level of togetherness.

Others have shared the experience in other ways, such as asking to take home the used waxing strips in order to turn them into art pieces to share with others.

Total Waxing

Of course, for some, the romance of waxing is about presenting an utterly clean canvas. Many men and women prefer a completely hairless body for themselves or their lovers. So, both men and women routinely ask for waxing not just in bikini areas, but across the chest, around the nipples, between the breasts, across the back, down the legs, between the “butt cheeks,” etc. And, it is not just women removing all of these hairs; many men enjoy the completely hairless look, as well.

Of course, for the uninitiated, it may be best to take on the hairless approach a little at a time. Men, especially, may find losing all of their hair in a single session to be rather painful and even psychologically scarring. Doing a few areas at a time and slowly approaching the hairless ideal is probably a better idea for most.